Dapplooker 2021 Recap: A look into Dapplooker’s Accomplishments in the Past Year

As crypto’s biggest year ever comes to a close, we want to thank YOU, our community members, for your contributions to the Web 3.0 industry. So as we close out a big year and look forward to the next, let’s take a look back at a few highlights and achievements for the Dapplooker community in 2021.

Dapplooker Integrates with Moonbeam, Celo, Polygon, Connext Network, Coingecko and many more

  • We secured ecosystem grants from Moonbeam, Celo, Connext Network.

Integration allows users to:

  • Use the Dapplooker dashboard to analyze 📈 on-chain data.
  • Use KPIs to track user adoption, user activity & user interactions with their products and protocols.
  • Use the easy to use dashboard builder to organize data from multiple sources to single dashboard in visual form.

Integration: https://dapplooker.com/integration

9 Networks, 50+ Dapps, 200+ Dashboards and 800+ Charts

  • This year we have shown remarkable growth and networking in network integrations, Dapps, Dashboards, and Charts creation 📈.
  • We have integration with 9+ networks and protocols, including Moonbeam, Celo, Polygon, Connext protocol and many more.

You can try creating your dashboard and chart at our FREE-to-use dashboard creation tool 📊.

Click here to create charts and dashboards for FREE

Popular NFT Dapps like Decentraland, Axie infinity are using Dapplooker for Data and Analytics

  • NFTs have been our primary focus area this year.
  • Onboarded popular NFT Dapps like Decenteraland, Axie Infinity on our platform for community analytics and dashboard solutions.

Browse NFT Dashboards: https://dapplooker.com/category/nft?type=dashboard

Partnered with DeFi Dapps whose Community-built Dashboards are live on Explorer

  • DeFi Dapps like Aave, Ubeswap, Moola Market, PoolTogether are using Dapplooker for monitoring their growth metrics 📊.
  • Proud to secure a grant from Aave DAO for user retention analytics dashboard.

Browse Defi Dashboards: https://dapplooker.com/category/defi?type=dashboard

Launched Moonriver Collator & Nominator staking Dashboards

  • Collator APY is one of the most asked features by the moonbeam community. It was built after closely working with collators and the moonbeam team.
  • Staking dashboard help track collator APY before nomination. You can monitor nomination details and rewards earned.

Staking Dashboard: https://network.dapplooker.com

Winner of Polygon Dorahack and Celo Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon

  • 2021 ending couldn’t have been better. We were the winner of two hackathons in a week time.
  • We are the winner of the Polygon Hackathon.
  • We are also proud to be the winner of the Celo Hackathon.

We are looking forward to another fruitful year for our team and our community. ­­We hope that year 2022 will be a great year. We have some exciting partnerships and product releases coming up this year.

Get Started Now: https://dapplooker.com/

“Let’s build data driven web3”

About Dapplooker

Dapplooker is multi-chain analytics and visualization platform for blockchain networks and Dapps. Our aim is to empower people by making analysis of blockchain data simple with the aid of our easy-to-use visual editor. Users can run SQL queries on smart contract data, build charts and dashboards which can be shared with the community. Learn more: https://dapplooker.com

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Multi-chain community driven blockchain analytics & visualization platform. Blockchain data intelligence with just few clicks.

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Multi-chain community driven blockchain analytics & visualization platform. Blockchain data intelligence with just few clicks.

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